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Improvising | Writing | Directing

Helena enjoys collaborative vocal improvisation - a purely vocal form of communal music making - and improvising vocal loops.

Improvised Ambient Loops
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These loops are from tracks created for the Singing Medicine, and designed to be played in the corridors of Birmingham Children's Hospital.

To find out more, or to buy the tracks, click here.

Helena has written a Mass setting for four upper voices, dedicated to St. John's Wood Church. A recording of the Kyrie can be found here -


With the support of Newsroom Theatre Company, she wrote -

'She Said What?! Historical Conversations that never happened'.

Performed at the Haringey Fringe Festival (2021, 2022) and the Hope Theatre (2022).

Four women multi-role their way through numerous unlikely scenes. Think ‘39 Steps' meets ‘Horrible Histories' with a sprinkling of female drag.

As a director Helena worked on acting-through-choral-singing with all-female group ‘Papagena’, combining her love of choral music and theatre with the group’s exciting programming and beautiful sound.

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